Song n. 1: Losing my Mind

So, yeah, this was the first song we wrote for our upcoming, as yet untitled, debut full-length album. Thanks to the voice memos on my mobile phone, I can say that it started being written in September the 7th, 2014. Something like 1 month after we released “In My Guts”. You know, this is the most interesting thing about keeping the drafts, even if they carry a lot of mixed emotions with them – being able to listen to them afterwards and realize how much has changed! 🙂

(Alice recording the vocals for the demo version of “Losing my Mind”)

It took us a long time to finally start rehearsing it. If it started being written in September 2014, we only actually began playing it on rehearsals in January 2015, and in that meantime, many things happened…like our (then) drummer leaving the band, and we having to rehearse with a friend, who was kind of doing us a favor while we didn’t find a permanent drummer. When our former drummer left, we were playing “Losing my Mind” like this:

Slow, huh?

This drummer friend had the coolest idea of playing the song faster, and it sounded so much better from the first time we played it! It just sounded complete, and we felt so good that we had at least one song for the so anticipated debut album. It’s amazing how sometimes (I think most times, actually) a small difference makes all the difference.

Losing my Mind - 1
Lyric sheet for the song Losing my Mind (Maria’s handwriting)

Losing my Mind - 2

Here’s a video of us playing it in September the 30th, 2015 🙂





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