Song n. 2: Higher

Higher was…something. It took us like…7 versions to get to that point where we thought the song was finally ready to be recorded. Some versions were never played by the band (like the one I posted on Soundcloud, and that the can be heard below)! And I don’t have any demos for the final version, hahah. I have to say, I disliked it for a long, long time. I thought it went from nowhere to anywhere, you know? It felt meaningless, but that changed. As of now (January/2016) we open our set list with this song, and it feels right. I’m damn glad for that.

This video is from January the 20th, 2015. Please, don’t mind my bored face…hahaha.

I had first thought of playing the chorus faster (as you can listen in the video above), but then when I recorded the demo version, Felipe [Eregion, from Unearthly, who happened to produce our first release ever, “In My Guts”, and who is also my dear beloved husband hahah] suggested I did the chorus differently, rather going for a more Sabbath-ish feeling in it. I feel a mother to my music, so it’s really difficult sometimes listening to people saying that they should be different, but I try my best to listen always (given it’s someone whose opinion I trust in the first place, of course). After all, it’s a different way of thinking than mine – and I do believe the music will profit from that.

Even with so many home-recorded demos, this is how “Higher” sounded, we played it a few times live, but…


…it just didn’t sound…complete. We all had our doubts regarding it. We were misusing the best riff in the song. Some parts were unnecessary and bland. So we stopped playing it for a while, until we decided what was best and made all the changed we need to make. And I gotta give it to Alice, she deconstructed the whole melody (which is pretty fucking hard, since that thing sticks to your head like superglue) and did something completely different, going from Dio to Alice in Chains in one song only. Can you hear the influences? 😉

This is 99% of how it sounds now – video recorded in September the 30th, 2015. The 1% is because of the solo, that I rewrote after a terrible argument with Felipe, who said it was poor and that the song deserved better. Well…he was right. The rewritten version IS better. hahah. But boy did it hurt to hear that about my baby </3



And this is how it sounds now. The real deal. ❤ We might change a few things here and there for the full-lenght album though.


Higher lyric sheet – Maria’s handwriting



Notice the date? I started writing it on January the 20th, 2015? Things were going fast, right? We even played “Higher” in Ale’s debut gig in the band, in March 2015! Maybe the full-length would be done on 2015? That was our hope, but things got slow. Reeeeally slow. Why? Coming up on the next post…


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