Song n. 3: Take it or Leave it

March the 11th, 2015: this is the date “Take it or Leave it” started being written. However, it was only on August the 20th that I consider it was somehow close to be finished, because it was only then Alice wrote the vocal lines, not to mention this song took us like…a lot of versions, too. Once again misusing the best riff in the song, too repetitive, obvious structure, yadda yadda yadda… (you can listen to the first version below and check it for yourself).

Alice recording a riff we ended up not using in “Take it or Leave it”

But why the delay to finish it, you ask me?





Of course, being 100% fair, I would say it was our own fault for not planning what we needed to plan the way we need to plan it. We could be touring and writing new songs, one thing doesn’t cancel the other. But this is about being a novice band: we sometimes just don’t have the maturity to know such stuff, and sometimes we do need to go through trouble (many times, trouble that was anticipated by people more experienced than us) to learn.

Good thing is, I think we have learned. One of my major personal disappointments for 2015 is that we didn’t release the full-lenght that year. Damn, it wasn’t even nearly finished by the end of 2015! We are nothing without an album. Best case scenario, worst case scenario, we’ll always need an album. That’s why this is our priority number 1.  As I’m writing this post, we have 9 songs written (some are “readier” than others) and I’m running against time – I have until March the 6th to write 3 more songs. This is my personal deadline. I wonder if I’ll make it. Hahah. If I can’t do it, then we’ll release the 9 songs that are ready and that’s it.

Back to the song, when Alice wrote the vocal lines and we started rehearsing it, we noticed something was missing…”Take it or Leave it” lacked a “special” part, maybe with a solo. So I kept thinking and then I came up with this idea, to add this really simple, chromatic progression. I recorded it in video and presented the idea to the girls, and we made it work. I wrote the solo, rewrote it…and it was ready, finally! We rehearsed it a lot since this was probably our fastest song to date, and we were recording it for Converse’s Converse Rubber Track.


First time we played it live (solo slightly different than recorded version):


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