Song n. 4: Poison

From “Poison” onward, the songwriting process finally started getting the rhythm we’ve always wanted it to have in the first place. I set my mind to it, I really wanted to accomplish THE goal. So when I played my guitar, it was never in an innocent, “I’m just gonna sit here and play” mood. I knew I had to write music. When I couldn’t do it, I’d spend interminable hours of my day just thinking about what I’d do. I’d often be sad and desperate, wondering if I’d ever be able to produce again….and there was even one time when I lost my sleep over one of the songs (which by the way is now one of my favorites, hahaha). But that’s a story for another time – for now, let’s stick with “Poison”.

Poison lyrics with Alice’s notes

“Poison” just really came to me. The first riff, the verses, even most of the structure. By the way, regarding the structure, I tried not to be so obvious…and you might have noticed already that this is one of my personal challenges for the debut album, since I do believe in “In My Guts” we kinda stuck with the same formula in all of the songs. After having the structure kind of ready, Alice wrote the vocal melody, and then we started meeting weekly at her place to really just mend everything together. And that’s how we’ve been working so far, and it’s been working indeed. After that we bring the song to the rehearsal room and start playing it with Ale, and then it’s just practice, practice, practice. “Poison” was the first non-released song we started playing at our gigs, and maybe it will be the only one. We don’t wanna ruin the surprise. 😉

I consider “Poison” our “punk-est” song to date. Which was intentional, since the idea was to make a fast song, one that would work really well live. Check the video below and tell me what you think 😉


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