Song n. 6: Degrees of Shade

“Degrees of Shade” was born in the acoustic guitar, like most of our songs are. But unlike them, this one will remain acoustic, which makes it our first ever acoustic song (even though I did record an electric guitar version, and it’s funny how it simply doesn’t fit). I don’t see us playing it live, since the spirit of Indiscipline is metal and I like my guitar as heavy as it gets. But never say never.

Also, “Degrees of Shade” means freedom. We didn’t know what we wanted to be the chorus, or verses, or bridges. It simply happened. I admit I thought one special part of the song would turn out to be the chorus, just because we all go to a safe place, but then…it didn’t. And it surprised me, in a really good way.

To me, this here is like Johnny Cash meets…darkness. But a darkness that can still see the sun after all. Weirdly enough, but I trust you’ll get what I say. And this is what this song is really about. Life can be fucked up, but hey, sometimes you get to see a light by the end of the tunnel. Coincidentally or not, “Degrees of Shade” was created when the day was rainy, but the sun shone. So…never lose hope. And we try NOT to say that in a cheap self-help book way.

Edit: my friend Marcos Cunha said “Degrees of Shade” had something of Alice in Chains in it. I had to agree and I loved the comparison so much I just had to put it here! hahaha. It does have something of Alice in Chains in it. 🙂

Writing lyrics for “Degrees of Shade”. Many attempts to get to an “acceptable” point, hahaa.


Song n. 5: Ms. Daniel (Hard to Handle)

Ha! So this here is where it starts to get more interesting. “Ms. Daniel” is the first in a series of songs that I’ll be talking about from now on that have not been released, and that have not been played live. That means even more exclusivity for you, pledgers! Totally deserved, by the way (thank you <3). Just keep in mind I’ll remember to post demos that don’t spoil the surprises so much. Let’s keep the big ones for when the album is released 😉

First of all, well, Ms. Daniel was supposed to be the lyrics for “Take it or Leave it”! Haha! But when we started writing “Take it or Leave it”, it felt like it deserved lyrics that approached other themes. So we saved that idea for later, and I think these lyrics couldn’t be more appropriate to this song. Well, I think the title is kinda self-explanatory, but maybe you’ll get some other ideas when you finally read it. We wanted to talk about alcoholism, of course. But also about another kind of addiction, one that is not related to substances.

Alice recording the bass for Ms. Daniel

Remember I said “Poison” was our punk-est song to date? Well, “Ms. Daniel” shows off all our grunge influences, namely Alice in Chains (Alice did a fine job with backing vocals, wait ’till you hear it). Also, it’s the only song in all the CD that has standard tuning instead of drop D. Even tough I’m convinced there are still some changes to be made, I think “Ms. Daniel” has a really catchy chorus that will make you sing both riff and vocal melody for days. I know I did.

Ideas for Ms. Daniel’s lyrics

As you already know, I sometimes just sit there and play with no intention whatsoever, and in one of those times I recorded this riff right here. Date of recording: June the 5th, 2015 (and again, sorry about my ass-face ahaha)

Months later, going through my riff library, I remembered this and thought it could be interesting to work on that idea. So it became “Ms. Daniel”‘s main riff. With all the things I’d mentioned before in mind (not using such obvious structure, yadda yadda yadda), I started from that and built “Ms. Daniel”. When I recorded it, Felipe suggested a change that I thought made the song sound even more what I wanted it to sound like – different.