Song n. 8: Nasty Roar

I couldn’t begin this post by anything other than…


Not only did we reach our target, we have surpassed it! We’re now at 102%, and the project still goes on for 20 days (or a little less than that – sorry, I can’t remember now). Let’s reach even more! 😀 Available at the store, there are t-shirts, goodie bags, one of my guitars…and it’s all EXCLUSIVE to the project (no, I’m definitely NOT selling that guitar after the pledge is done, hahah!). Let’s not forget that.

Back to the 8th song…Nasty Roar!

“Nasty Roar” is one of the most aggressive songs of the album, if not THE most aggressive. In my opinion, it has this Black Label Society-ish atmosphere, combined with Alice in Chains (I can’t hide my influences xD). And it was born to be an anthem for the road – really. It was first written to be a song for a Rio de Janeiro motorcycle club, inspired by a poem/lyric penned by one of the club’s members. However, given it’s such strong music, we just had to use it for Indiscipline’s album.

“Nasty Roar” has heavy riffs and it led me into thinking the “whole-song” structure would come almost instantly. Boy, was I mistaken! It was a challenge. Actually, it IS a challenge, for this one is yet under construction/pre-production, but then again, they all are. Hahaha. Last Tuesday Alice came by and we worked on it, and the week before that, we were working on the very same thing. But as usual, hard work has paid off, and we’re now getting to the WOW point of this song. hahaha

Writing Nasty Roar (notice the hashtags? 😉 )


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