Song n. 9: Burning Bridges

Long time no see…
Rough times! But let’s do this 😉

Have you ever had a friend you really cared about, but then for whatever reason (you had an argument / he or she let you down in any way / he or she simply moved away) you stopped talking, and lost contact for some time…and then, one day, or every day, you look back and miss this person. And you try to make it right and have that good friendship you used to have…but things are not the way they were. And they won’t be. Ever. Because all the bridges have burned.

I’ve been through this a few times. Always painful. I know it doesn’t happen like that with everybody, but that’s how it goes down with me…usually. So, in order to combine business with pleasure, I thought: let me write some lyrics about that. I had a good feeling about “Burning Bridges”, even if the subject was a little…touchy, to say the least. After all, when I recorded the song (and NO, definitely not, this one won’t be an acoustic tune…hahaha. Sorry about the demo, but it’s as much as I can give you without giving too much away), Felipe said it was probably the highlight of the album, and one of the best songs I’ve written. I liked the tune very much too. From the first day I started writing it, I felt like it flowed really naturally. Things were looking good, right? 🙂

Well…not so much! hahaha. Things can never be truly easy with me, and if they’re easy indeed, it’s because something is wrong. So I started writing the lyrics from a really personal perspective…and they weren’t good, at all. They were childish. Felipe said it was probably the weakest lyrics I’d penned so far. That was tough to hear, a little nerve-racking even. I had to start from scratch. Again.

I began drafting some ideas and thinking about what I could write. “Let’s use metaphors. Let’s use film-reference. Let’s use book-reference!” Some of you might know I’m a HUGE GRRM fan (yes, George R. R. Martin, the writer behind the “A Song of Ice and Fire” book series, also known as “Game of Thrones” for most of the world after the HBO TV series). What better story to portray the bridges that are burning and that have already burned than Arya Stark’s one? I’m not gonna say much else because I don’t wanna ruin things for people who haven’t read the books or watched the series yet. But if you plan on reading the books or watching the series (which I DEFINITELY recommend doing – BOTH!!), you’ll remember some of the concepts I used here. 😉