Song n. 10: Born Dead

The last post of this blog that no one reads anymore (my fault, I know, for not keeping it properly updated), but I wanted to keep it complete anyways. We’re here. This is the last song.

Our idea was to originally record more than 10 songs, because we wanted to have more music in case we needed to release anything as bonus tracks. For the original track list I wanted 11 songs (simply because 11 is a number I like, hahaa. Lame, I know). Needless to say, we didn’t manage to plan and organize our schedule in order to do that, unfortunately! But that’s OK, too – we won’t be beating us up for that.

A (very) primary version of Born Dead, back when it was still called Thunderstorm. Totally different feelings.

Thing is, we kind of got to 11 tracks. However, one of them was a song in Portuguese (our native language) and I don’t know what happens with Indiscipline but we simply don’t manage to work well in our mother tongue, hahaha! This was our third try and I think after that, it’s no more. We worked on that song for a few weeks, wrote and rewrote lyrics I don’t remember how many times. We thought we had something going on in there, although it did feel a bit like a “filler” in the album to me…but we thought it was good enough to at least make it to the record.

Scannable Document 4 on 6 Apr 2017 14_42_56
Vira-Lata lyrics attempt

We were wrong. Oh, SO wrong. When we arrived to record the demo version with Felipe Eregion (our producer, and my husband), he stopped us right after the first chorus. He bluntly said: “there’s no way this song will be in the album. It just sucks”. It is funny now, because saying it/writing it like that, it might seem like we were offended, but we were…relieved, even. We kind of knew the song sucked, but didn’t want to face the cold, hard truth. When he told us we thought…well, ok then. We give up. Haha.

Even though that’s the story of another song – “Vira Lata”, a stillborn one at that – it is also about how the last song of the album happened. And eerily enough (because I swear I hadn’t noticed that coincidence until now, haha!), it is called “Born Dead”.

“Born Dead” happened kind of fast, even. When you’ve written so many songs in so little time you get used to things, your head thinks differently. Songwriting is a habit that requires daily work.
I had a riff I was trying to use, but couldn’t figure out how…I sat down with Felipe, he suggested some structure uses, BAM, we had the basics to work with. Alice wrote the story inspired by a death that happened in her family (under beyond sad circumstances). I put it into lyrics form, she came in to do the vocals and record it, and there we had it! “Born Dead”.

The rest is the rest. After those 10 songs, we worked with Gus Monsanto too, who helped us with vocal melodies and guitar solos and suggested some additions to our songs – a co-production work, basically. It was really nice having him on board for this ride. He was always helpful, and experienced enough to make us feel safe.

And that’s how our album (which we now know the name – Sanguinea), saw the light of day. Now you know. The whole process 😉

See you next time!


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